Annamaria Cammilli

Precious gifts in the Italian tradition

Silvia Di Giacomo
Tradition has it that important occasions in life are celebrated by making a gift of something special that will last…
© Alessandro Roversi Lifeina

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2017

Alice Pedocchi
This year Cosmoprof is 50 years old and visitors will have a great deal to enjoy at the celebrations. Running…
13 March 2017
Terme di Sirmione (AQUARIA)

The origins of well-being

Alice Pedocchi
The Veneto is home to one of the largest spa complexes in Italy. Since the days of antiquity, the spas…
6 February 2017
Ristorante Casa Perbellini

Eating with the stars in the Veneto region

Alice Pedocchi
The Veneto has a refined culinary tradition. Historically a melting pot of diverse cultural and culinary influences, we can now…
6 February 2017

The new frontier of beauty

Eleonora Ferrante
Of course, a strong personality enhances the overall appeal of a woman, but we can help nature along by availing…
6 February 2017

Be inspired, be independent…

Veronica Tarabella
Adolescents watch, copy, blend in, they follow a leader rather than anyone else to feel part of a group, to…
6 February 2017
Bali_esterni_exibit_13 (1024x683)

Balì Museum

Tullio Vittorio Giacomini
The Museo del Balì is in the middle between the Fano sea on one side and on the other, towards…
1 February 2017

Tonya Hawkes

Veronica Tarabella
The two souls of Tonya, a creative American designer, are found in her creations. These are essential lines but at…
1 February 2017