Orologio_04 by Mongolo 1984 (1024x768)

The clock of Villa Medicea di Poggio a Caiano

Ugo Pancani
At the end of the 20th century, a group of students and teachers from the clock-making department of the Leonardo…
Rocchetta_08Rocchetta Mattei_foto Gabriele Zanarini (1024x678)

La Rocchetta Mattei

Karina Mamalygo
Over the centuries the land around the valley of the River Reno halfway between Bologna and Pistoia has held great…
17 May 2017
Torvaldo2006 (1024x668)

Rossini Opera Festival

Alice Pedocchi
Since 1980, the Rossini Opera Festival has been presenting masterpieces from the repertory of the great composer Gioachino Rossini. This…
18 May 2017
Verona_22 Vista della città di Verona da Castel Veneto by Ana del Castillo (1024x683)

Verona through the centuries

Karina Mamalygo
The marvellous city of Verona sits on a bend of the River Adige. It would have been hard to find…
12 May 2017
19 - Leonid Tishkov_Journey of the Private Moon_2003_2016_Urals (1024x768)

Man as a Bird. Images of Journeys

Throughout history, we have expanded the boundaries of the visible and found new perspectives. The development of optics and the…
4 May 2017
IMG_6856 (1024x683)

Until the Word Is Gone

«Until the Word Is Gone» is the title of an exhibition that will be held at Palazzo Zenobio in Venice.…
5 May 2017
Francesca Liberatore SS17 (1024x511)

Francesca Liberatore

Giulia Rossi
Fashion is a form of art and art is the intrinsic inspiration for fashion itself. Diverse elements come together in…
11 May 2017
Caadre Ghost

Pesaro, a museum of art and work culture

Tullio Vittorio Giacomini
It is 1907, the port of Ancona in the Marche region. A freighter is unloading its cargo of wheat coming…
28 April 2017