Terme di Sirmione (AQUARIA)

The origins of well-being

Alice Pedocchi
The Veneto is home to one of the largest spa complexes in Italy. Since the days of antiquity, the spas…
Ristorante Casa Perbellini

Eating with the stars in the Veneto region

Alice Pedocchi
The Veneto has a refined culinary tradition. Historically a melting pot of diverse cultural and culinary influences, we can now…
6 February 2017

The new frontier of beauty

Eleonora Ferrante
Of course, a strong personality enhances the overall appeal of a woman, but we can help nature along by availing…
6 February 2017

Be inspired, be independent…

Veronica Tarabella
Adolescents watch, copy, blend in, they follow a leader rather than anyone else to feel part of a group, to…
6 February 2017
Bali_esterni_exibit_13 (1024x683)

Balì Museum

Tullio Vittorio Giacomini
The Museo del Balì is in the middle between the Fano sea on one side and on the other, towards…
1 February 2017

Tonya Hawkes

Veronica Tarabella
The two souls of Tonya, a creative American designer, are found in her creations. These are essential lines but at…
1 February 2017
© Luciano Barsetti

La Leggenda dei Frati

Ilaria Legato
Legend has it that in a July of long ago at Abbadia Isola, in the province of Siena in Tuscany,…
1 February 2017

Milan, the capital of fashion

Luna Zenshchina
The star of the collection, also in terms of accessories, is magical leather in its various shapes and shades which…
31 January 2017