Arena Sferisterio

Karina Mamalygo
      The Italian word sferisterio derives from the Latin sphaeristerium (which is also used in English) and the Greek σφαιριστήριον…
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The Origins of Macerata

Karina Mamalygo
      It seems that Macerata is descended from Recina Helvia, a Roman site from the III-II Century BC.…
27 July 2016
Azzurra Gronchi

Holiday Style

Alessandra Lepri
      Fashion goes on holiday, but style goes everywhere with us. On a sunny island or in a big city,…
26 July 2016
Azzurra Gronchi

Fashion Accessories

Giorgina Carnicelli
        Serenity   Like a clear blue sky after a summer storm, delicate, elegant and discreet. Serenity,…
22 July 2016
Ermanno Scervino

Ermanno Scervino the architect of Fashion

Eleonora Ferrante
      “Innovator”, “refined”, “glamorous”… These are some of the adjectives which can be used to describe this great…
24 June 2016
2. Calendario Vespa 1953

Happy Birthday Bikini!

Alessandra Lepri
          From the mid-forties, more precisely from 1946, the wind of freedom began to blow. Italian…
24 June 2016
Azzurro di Capri  -  Bruno Acampora

Scent of Summer

Rita Bulgarini
      Memories of faraway lands, perfumed islands, tales of which are told through fresh, rejuvenating scents. Perfumes of freedom,…
18 July 2016
Press summer

Fashion for children

Eleonora Ferrante
              FREEDOM! This is the key word for the children’s clothing spring-summer 2016 collection. The…
5 July 2016