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AVRVM is the initial product of our publishing house. Just like the “miliarium aureum”, the milestone which marked the point of departure of all the roads leaving the centre of ancient Rome, AVRVM, our inaugural magazine, is our own starting point and as such, it is our most precious product.
When presenting and packaging a precious jewel great attention needs to be paid to detail and a great love of one’s work is required along with the awareness that only the person who will wear it will be able to transmit their own particular style and fascination.
In the same way AVRVM – the magazine for those who love beauty, style and the Italian way of life – provides you with the opportunity to promote your products in a sparkling display case which aims to show all that is excellent and perfect from Italy. Its high profile, elegant design and editorial line are the result of a careful study of characteristics of readers who are looking for services and products of the highest quality. AVRVM Magazine targets affluent international consumers and focuses on their lifestyle, their habits, and their interest in well-being and quality of life.
For further information about how to bring your product, services or brand to the attention of readers through the pages of AVRVM , please write to where our staff will be happy to provide you with any information you require and describe the project in detail.
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