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Fashion is a status symbol. Each season, fashion designers launch trends to follow and this one encompasses adults and teenagers.

Bologna - 6 February 2017 - Veronica Tarabella

Adolescents watch, copy, blend in, they follow a leader rather than anyone else to feel part of a group, to feel accepted and part of something.

They experiment, play, dare, in order to start developing their own taste. For teenagers, fashion becomes a means of communication that serves to express their aesthetic taste.



Society has changed. Intellectual freedom currently enjoyed by teenagers is also about fashion. Today teenagers choose how to act and what role to play and a parent who awards their children this independence, gives them then the opportunity to be educated and to grow up with full freedom of expression.

And that is why we find biker jackets and boots for children with a rocker soul. Tulle skirts and leggings for her and treated denim for him. These are the outfits proposed by Diesel. A mixture of combinations and fabrics ranging from camouflage to cashmere.



Manila Grace is another top brand for fashion kids, which allows children to match the adult look while always guaranteeing the quality of fabrics and comfort. The favourite fabrics are faux fur and light wool.

The glamorous soul of Herno is seen in the jackets and down coats with faux fur inserts, maintaining its taste for classic lines, the waisted and a chic version of the sporty parka.

It makes you smile to associate a child with the concept of status, but today the young adults who are our children, think about it like this. So dear parents instead of dolls and toy trains, let them have bikers-style and furs… Ecological obviously!

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