Buonaccorsi Palace


Municipal Art Gallery and the Carriage Museum

Macerata - 19 September 2016 - Karina Mamalygo

The charming Buonaccorsi Palace in the historic centre of Macerata, was built according to the wishes of the Buonaccorsi family, who received its patricianship in 1652. The project was the work of the Roman architect Giovan Battista Contini and in 1718, the architect Ludovico Gregorini added the courtyard with the Italianate garden with decorative vases and statues of Hercules Victor by the Paduan sculptor Giovanni Bonazza. The palace interiors are strikingly luxurious due to the soft colours and contrasting intense paintings in baroque and rococo style. The vault of the “Gallery of the Aeneid” is painted with a scene from the wedding of Bacchus and Ariadne, while the walls are covered with frescoes and paintings depicting the life of Aeneas. The panelled ceilings of the palace are decorated with bright colours and gold. Recently, it hosted two collections of paintings: one historical and the other modern after the restoration in 2008. You can also visit the Carriage Museum divided into two parts: descriptive and interactive and was reopened in 2009. 


Sala Eneide
Sala Eneide




At first, the collections were displayed in the rooms of the Mozzi-Borgetti Library. The core of the ancient art collection consists of two private collections of the nineteenth century, those of Tommaso Maria Borgetti and Antonio Bonfigli. Since 1937, the paintings of the Italian masters Carlo Crivelli, Giambattista Salvi, Carlo Dolci, Michele Rocca known as ‘Parmigiano’ and others have been shown to the public. There are also works from the Flemish, Italian, Neapolitan and Venetian painting schools.



Currently, the collection of historical art in the Buonaccorsi building is still in the phase of being set up and current research and cataloguing of its artistic heritage is underway. The entire spectrum of twentieth century modern art and its currents such as futurism, avant-garde, abstraction and others are on display. Futurism is represented by the works of the artists from the Boccioni Group: Sante and Mario Monachesi, Bruno Tano, Rolando Bravi, Mario Buldorini. The most attractive style of contemporary art exhibited in the Museum is Neorealism represented by painters Michelangelo Conte and Bruno Conte, Bruno Donzelli, Emilio Vedova, Claudio D’Angelo, Elio Marchegiani, Bice Lazzari, Wladimiro Tulli and many others.

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