Dalì Experience

Dalì D'or_Charme Dalinien 1967 (664x1024)

Dali Experience, the show held in the historic Palazzo Belloni, is dedicated to the eclectic Catalan artist and is totally innovative from a cultural point of view.

Bologna - 17 January 2017 - Anna Shkapa

Montre Molle

Montre Molle

The “immersive” style of the exhibition will take the visitor to the centre of the artist’s work and will be the centerpiece of an event that will be widespread throughout the city.

About 200 works from the collection “The Dali Universe”, one of the richest documentations of Dali’s artistic history, will feature as part of an interactive and multimedia exhibition that invites the visitor to participate in an interactive experience.

Mae West Lips Sofa

Mae West Lips Sofa

There are 22 museum sculptures, 10 works in glass realized in the late ’60s in collaboration with the famous Daum Nancy glassware, more than 100 graphics taken from 10 illustrated books and 4 monumental sculptures that will be placed in strategic locations in the old centre.

The intention is to empathise with the artist in order to give the audience an emotional message, not academic, where multimedia and interaction become an integral part of the narrative and not peripheral elements. Visitors will plunge into the labyrinth of the author’s multifaceted mind to discover the results of his creative imagination.

In the exhibition you will discover different sides to the master, whose creative contribution is not only associated with painting but also delves into the most diverse areas of twentieth century culture such as, cinema, fashion, design, advertising, literature, cuisine, psychoanalysis, particle physics and new technologies.

Dal' D’Or Clè 1967

Clè 1967

The challenge is to redesign the exhibition space as flowing and open containers in total communion with the city and its citizens where they participate and are the protagonists. For this reason surprise”surreal” 360 degree events are programmed which will also be held in unpredictable places, in partnership with local institutions and enterprises in a continuous outside-in, online-offline, real-virtual interchange.





DalìExperience_Locandina (724x1024)



From 25/11/2016 to 07/05/2017    

Bologna – Palazzo Belloni



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