“Forma”, the companion of… Wine

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Parmigiano Reggiano exalts and accompanies our native wines!

Bologna - 7 December 2017 - Francesco Baviera e Viktoria Demenkova

Ah… Parmigiano! A cheese that is always on our Emilian table, so “rooted” in our gastronomic culture that its name has been changed affectionately from Parmigiano to “Forma”. We are so used to “seeing it”, in dairies, in the shops, in the house, on our tables that we can use it in almost every dishes, but above all with almost all the wines: white, red, still or sparkling. It can be combined with a wide range of dishes and it will never clash. It will always show character; Either fresh or well matured, a “Forma” is a “Forma”!

Marchio di qualità "consorzio tutela Parmigiano Reggiano"
Quality brand “Consorzio tutela Parmigiano Reggiano”

Its name is a symbiosis of the names of the provinces of Parma and Reggio Emilia, where in the 12th century the Benedictine monks started production of this unique cheese.

The peculiarity of the cheese is not only due to the specific micro climate of the area and to the rigid rules of its production, but above all because the product is completely natural, highly digestible and does not cause allergies.

It is believed that: the more mature the cheese, the better it is. This vertical tasting will help us understand.

True tasting not only tastes and tries to evaluate the taste of cheese, but involves all the senses. Vertical tasting enables you to get to know the different matured cheeses from the same producer at 13, 24 and 60 months maturation to touch but also the visual, olfactory and taste senses.

Parmigiano Reggiano 13 months


The colour of the paste depends on factors such as the animals’ diet, preservation conditions and seasoning. A younger cheese is characterized by a brilliant straw yellow colour. The aroma should be evaluated by deeply smelling the newly broken cheese. A young cheese has the intrinsic smell of fresh milk, yoghurt and cream, the touch is slightly moist and elastic, it has a sweet and sour taste at the same time, with vegetable notes such as grass, light vegetable and sometimes flowers or fruit.


Chardonnay Altkirch South Tyrol DOC 2015 Colterenzio. 13.5% of bottled pleasure to be enjoyed young, fresh, when it still expresses its hints of white flowers with clear hints of herbs and accompanied by fruity notes of white peach. The gentle straw yellow colour, sometimes with soft green tints, hides a pleasant freshness that cheers the palate which is very different from to the softness and lightness of a young Parmigiano.

Grande Cuvée Pinot Bianco Brut Alto Adige DOC Kettmeir. 12.5% ​​of freshness, joy, frivolity. Every glass elicits pleasure in the mouth. The straw yellow hue is so delicate that It is almost white. On tasting this Pinot Bianco a lively, present and ethereal effervescence stays on the palate and bestows the perfume of Trentino apples and gorse flowers. It has a very pleasant freshness and refined elegance. Dry and medium long is that typical wine that allows us to match its notes in combination with a rich Parmigiano mousse hors d’oeuvre.

Remigio 100 Colli di Scandiano and Canossa Lambrusco Grasparossa DOP 2016 Ca’de’Medici 11% are the house wines! The tradition of the dark, brusque, grating Lambruscone that is never missing from the table on Emilia’s plains. A Lambrusco, as is the wont of tradition, is a dark, almost black red, with marked purple hues and presents a fine, light, unobtrusive and subtle froth, a sign of fine workmanship. Its light alcohol content makes it perfect for fresh, almost cold consumption, to make the marked tannins finer and less sharp. Its freshness makes it perfect for a typical Emilia dinner: salami, tigelle and cheeses and above all, Parmigiano..maybe with Modena pesto.


Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months


The cheese has reached the ideal age to be tasted and to express a wealth of odours and aromas to the nose and palate in perfect balance and harmony. Over time, the colour of the cheese becomes increasingly saturated and tyrosine crystals appear – an indicator of maturity, which will increase with further maturation. We can experience a rich taste and aroma with notes of spicy pepper, citrus, pineapple and nutmeg, alongside those of melted butter and spices.


Stellato Vermentino of Sardinia DOC 2015 Pala. 14.5% the strange land of Sardinia and even stranger the combination with a cheese like Parmigiano, but the “Stellato” dares and is a twinkling match. Yellow Gold, delicate but brilliant, to the nose it emits smells of Mediterranean scrub with delicate hints of rosemary and oregano that together with a full rounded palate supported by the nice alcoholic component, distinguishes its body and strength. It is the perfect accompaniment for a Parmigiano of medium maturation.

The Wood of Pertinello Colli Romagna Centrale Sangiovese DOP 2015 Tenuta Pertinello 12.5% ​​Walk down Via Emilia from Milan to Rimini and ask for something to drink. When they won’t give you water only Sangiovese, well, then Romagna begins! The vine from our home is an example and symbol of Romagna enography, in these bottles there is a beautiful cherry red, bright but not thick, cheerful in its ruby ​​nuances. Inebriates with its scent of violet and light marasca, even though it is restricted to its hilltop expression, seduces the palate with its freshness, acidity and delicate tannins. It can almost be drunk cool, it is a fresh, fascinating wine that fits well with the flavour of a seasoned Parmigiano.


Parmigiano Reggiano 60 months


This cheese is very mature, with a grainy, crumbly texture, very dry, almost sandy. It can’t be cut at this age, but it crumbles. The colour has become creamy, with very visible tyrosine crystals. The taste is more complete with shades of exotic fruit and nuts. The cheese literally melts in the mouth with a spicy aftertaste. Its deep and spicy aroma is dominated by notes of pepper and coriander.

The peculiarity of Parmigiano Reggiano is also the fact that it is possible to add it to all dishes: appetisers, firsts, seconds, sides and desserts.


Maremma Tuscany Red Ciliegiolo and Sangiovese DOC 2015 Montauto 13.5% The gem of gems! Parmigiano Reggiano is made with milk and the milk of the Red Cow is richer, fattier, deeper in colour but above all flavour! And to accompany this delicious cheese, Montauto’s Ciliegiolo  is a must: a full cherry red, bright and lively, rich in soft and delicate alcohol. In a clear glass, sweet scents of sour cherry, cherries and wild blackberries, all seasoned with a fresh delicate drink, which hides and softens the sangiovese tannins. Red Cow Parmigiano flakes and Ciliegiolo… see you at the table.

For the question “Which cheese is the best?” we would answer, “To each their own”. And you, what do you think?

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