Francesca Liberatore

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Fashion as an art form

Bologna - 11 May 2017 - Giulia Rossi

Fashion is a form of art and art is the intrinsic inspiration for fashion itself. Diverse elements come together in the creations of the Roman stylist Francesca Liberatore, resulting in an elegant harmonic fusion. She has been working on the New York scene for some time now.


What are the trends for the next season that can be seen in your latest creations?

SS17 © Matteo Volta

SS17 © Matteo Volta

Lace, velvet, pockets and comfort, combined together as a symbol of dynamism, movement and openness.


In which way has art influenced your creative development?

I have been surrounded by art ever since I was a child thanks to the work of my parents. In particular, my father Bruno Liberatore was a sculptor and I was attracted by all its forms. It is a filter for me and I simply love being immersed in art. Many people have pointed out characteristics where fashion and art come together: the continual search for form and structure for example. In sculpture it is seen through the internal structure while in my clothes it becomes manifest in the weight or volume that emerge through the interplay of fabric, consistency and texture. Another very important link is the feel of the surface – whether it is smooth, porous or sinuous.


In your opinion what is the added value of Italian style nowadays in the world?

Within the concept of “Made in Italy” there is something that goes beyond the question of production. There are a series of values within the creative process. In the “Made in Italy” concept there is great creativity especially where it comes to finding clear innovative and sensible solutions which result in a product that is light, effective and sharp. I think people appreciate the international touch in my style. After all, I trained at the Central St Martin’s School in London and with Viktor&Rolf in Amsterdam, as well as with Jean-Paul Gaultier in Paris. However, beneath all of this, there is a strong subsoil of Italian culture which filters the way I interpret things. And we shouldn’t forget the aspects of artisan craftsmanship and the high-quality which are an integral part of everything “Made in Italy”. In my particular case I am indebted to the exquisite tailoring of early Brioni.


SS17 © Matteo Volta

SS17 © Matteo Volta

What are you working on at the moment?

The autumn/winter 2017/18 collections to be presented New York, and a major project in China in Hong Kong and Shanghai.












Francesca Liberatore

Francesca Liberatore

Francesca Liberatore was born in Rome in 1983. After graduating from Central St Martin’s in London, she has worked for the best fashion houses in the world: Viktor&Rolf in Amsterdam, Jean-Paul Gaultier in Paris and Brioni Donna in Italy. She has worked with Moulin Rouge of Paris and has international partnerships with Swarovski Elements, Saga Furs, Moulin Rouge Paris, Puntoseta, Nafa. She won the DHL Exported competition and has presented her 2015 Spring/Summer collections and 2015/16 Autumn/Winter on the walkways of the New York fashion week.

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