Hotel Bernini Palace

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The perfect place to stay during an unforgettable visit in the very heart of Florence

Firenze - 28 August 2017 - redazione

Welcome to a Florence that you perhaps did not expect: the Hotel Bernini.  This five-star hotel is located in a 15th century Florentine Palace, just around the corner from Piazza della Signoria , the Uffizi Art Gallery and Michelangelo’s David which must make it one of the most exclusive salons of the city.IMG_6526_8266703314_o (1024x683)

 It is a rather like a treasure chest or a magical book that contains many different tales. For example, the moment you cross the threshold, you will find yourself amongst a collection of model heads displaying eccentric hats. Well, in the past, the entrance hall was a boutique for hats, which have now been put back on display in a contemporary context with carefully chosen furnishings and a charming mix of light and shadow.


The hall leads to the lounge bar, a sort of stage where lines of prestige wines form a stunning backdrop. A perfect location for an exclusive light lunch on a summer’s day. Taking a few more steps we find ourselves in a 16th century loggia which has been faithfully restored to its original splendour by Duetorrihotels. Here you will find La Chiostrina restaurant where you can enjoy all the gastronomic delights of Tuscany and the rest of Italy.


Ristorante La Chiostrina

La Chiostrina restaurant


Ascending to the upper floors you will find a quite unique breakfast room. As you enjoy the carefully selected, hand made,  natural and organic products you will not fail to notice the 19thcentury frescoes and a number of tondos depicting the principal players of the Italian reunification, from Garibaldi to Cavour.  In fact, this very room hosted the Senators and Deputies of the Italian parliament during the short period when Florence was the capital of the Kingdom of Italy between 1865 and 1870.

Junior Suite Tuscan Floor © Paolo Comparin

Junior Suite Tuscan Floor © Paolo Comparin

Then we mustn’t forget the special atmosphere of the Tuscan floor. The whole floor is decorated in a mix of ancient and unusual styles which harmoniously unite Renaissance taste with echoes of the Orient. Flooring in terracotta, four-poster beds draped in nuances of amaranth, orange, purple and gold. You will find period tapestries, Japanese ceramics, Moroccan lamps reproduced in Murano, all coming together to create an original, romantic atmosphere in rooms that overlook the interior courtyard and the narrow streets of mediaeval Florence.

But the Bernini Palace will also astound visitors with the quality of the welcome they receive. The hotel boasts excellent service in its reception, which is directed by expert Concierges from the International Association Les Clefs d’Or. Their jacket collars bear the golden crossed keys symbol. These are the professionals that you can rely on when planning the details of your stay, and your discovery of the city. They will look after transfers, book you a guide, arrange tours of monuments and museums so you avoid queues and  long waits. They can also arrange visits to the very best boutiques and artisan workshops. In addition to this the Hotel can also provide a personal shopper, wedding planner and much more. 


Hotel Bernini Palace

Piazza San Firenze, 29 (Piazza della Signoria)

50122 Florence


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