Interview to Olga Shishko, curator of the exhibition “Man as Bird. Images of Journeys”

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In Venice the exhibition "Man as Bird. Images of Journeys", within the 57th Venice Biennale, has ended on the 6th of September. The State Museum of Fine Arts "A. S. Puškin" of Moscow has participated for the first time at the International Art Exhibition in Venice, presenting the innovative Puškin XXI multimedia project under the Collateral Events.

Venice - 15 September 2017 - Karina Mamalygo



“You have a sensation of looking inside a fish through his

scales and it is a fish that hosts a party “

Iosif Brodskij




Olga, how was your project conceived? And how was the group of artists-innovators formed?

Everything started on the estate of Tenuta Golizyn, Part of the Puškin Museum complex in Moscow, thanks to a partnership with Christine Macel. A platform of experiments has been created, a group of artists has got together and from here the common concept; the multimedia project, has been developed which has connected classical art with the art of the future. Now we are in the walls of the building of Soranzo Van Axel, where you can fully understand this alliance because the most modern art media spontaneously pour into the architectural space of the Venetian Gothic palace and the Basilica of Santa Maria dei Miracoli blesses this place with its dome.


Olga Shishko © Alan Vouba
Olga Shishko, curator of the exhibition “Man as Bird. Images of Journeys” © Alan Vouba

Does rebellion lie at the heart of your art?

No, rebellion is not there. There is an attempt to change the point of view, moving away from the laws of direct perspective of Renaissance art. It’s an attempt to look at the world from the perspective of a bird flying at altitude and not from a human angle of 120° but 360°, as a bird sees it…


And so you can look at the outline of the Venice fish, which the Venetian Tiziano Scarpa quoted in his famous book?



What do the white wings mean on the shoulders of the girls running through the rooms?

The wings had to be grey-brown, like those of the birds, but in the end they turned out white, like angels’ wings.





Marnix de Nijs gira la palla magica delle metamorfosi delle città terrestre
Leonid Tishkov “Private Moon”. 

There are numerous Russians among the artists present including: Leonid Tishkov, who presented the installation of lights and landscapes “Private moon”, a lifelong journey;  Dmitry Bulnygin with the multimedia project “Aquarium” where fishes symbolise not only souls, but people in the material world, full of cataclysms, Sofia Gavrilova with her installation “Pozzi”- the philosophical interpretation of nature – the essence of Russian art, realised through new artistic technologies and Yuri Kalendarev with the meditative concept of “acoustic bronze” accessible to visitors for touch and sound contact. Also from Russia, Semyon Aleksandrovsky with his audio installation “Another Museum” – the sounds of the Puškin Museum, superimposed on the visual perception of the interiors of the Venetian palace; Tatiana Akhmetgalieva with the video installation “Ghost ship” that appears from the waves of the path of life; Irina Zatulovskaya with the cycle of scenes, applied on old Venetian fabrics under the title “Homecoming “and the  ‘Provmyza’ group  with the video installation “Eternity”.



Marnix de Njis
Marnix de Njis “Disintegrated Perspectives”

Seven internationally renowned artists are also participating in the project. In particular: Marnix de Nijs (Netherlands), who presented the interactive installation “Disintegrated Perspectives “- images of the world’s most beautiful cities,” woven “from a cloud of points (point cloud) with a 3D technology scanner, and metamorphoses of architectural landscapes that the spectator can choose. Mariano Sardón then in collaboration with Mariano Sigman (Argentina), with the video installation “All that I have from your memory is a map”, where the “habitual ” Renaissance principle of the image from the outside point of view is completely destroyed. According to the authors: “Here you see a certain quantity of views that cross over each other, as if a thousand people were looking at this map at the same time“.

Fabrizio Plessi (Italy) is also present at the exhibition, with the paradoxical image of a boat where water currents wet it inside instead of outside, David Claerbout (Belgium), with the “Journey” project, his heart is the atemporal and universal image of the forest; Martin Honert (Germany), with “Lantern”, a cube illuminated from the inside that through projections related to the past, leads the visitor to a symbolic journey through time; and Masaki Fujihata (Japan) with the multimedia installation “Private Room” in which, according to the author, “Light becomes the load bearing structure the room – the 3D symbol of childhood memories”.




Man as Bird. Images of Journeys

Venezia, Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel
Cannaregio 6071 – 30121 

13 May – 05 September 2017

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