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A place where desire and uniqueness become reality

Reggio Emilia - 24 October 2017 - redazione

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams”, a quote like this, by Henry David Thoreau, effectively sums up the experience and the great ever increasing success of Stefano Aleotti’s extraordinary project: “Dream Wheels”. This springs from an idea by a Milanese entrepreneur, with the aim of promoting the excellence of Emilia Romagna and in particular the treasures of Motor Valley.

Here reigns the extraordinary union of legendary companies that have effectively written the history of the engine: Ducati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, De Tomaso.



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Dream Wheels is a spectacular showroom that houses 1,200 vintage motors and over 40 dream cars, all perfectly restored and on offer in the most important Italian and international exhibitions.

We’re entering Ruote da Sogno (Dream Wheels), an evocative space, more like a theatre than a car dealership, with a stage full of lights and vintage footage, making this memorable location a unique experience.

Thanks to its innovative business & entertainment strategy, Dream Wheels can now boast international customers from all over the world who are looking for precious and unreachable vehicles, such as Vespa no. 3, Considered today to be the oldest  in the world, given the unavailability on the official registers of numbers 1 and 2.



1946 Piaggio Vespa numero 3 98CC

1946 Piaggio Vespa no.3 98CC


What can we say about the cars then? An example of a post second world war car is one 1937 AC British Racing green colour, while two of the most recent are two Alfa Romeo SS And many Ferraris. Discovering the single unique piece or the limited edition is part  of the excitement.  Collectors and visitors are willing  to do anything to get the object of their desire. Driving one of these jewels of the past is living the sought-after dream.

At Dream Wheels, an innovative company created by the same entrepreneur, SA Events, creates fascinating events for the most demanding companies.

In a recent interview, Stefano Aleotti proudly comments: “This place makes you think of daydreams, because you can buy anything. Everyone is given the chance to see, admire and buy. We want to have an emotional impact, but our intention is that these emotions can also be brought home. It is important for us to have a wide offer for the buyer, we already have a considerable range to satisfy every need. This passion for collecting classic cars is exciting to me, vintage motors and art pieces are also very good investment forms. We are significantly different from other collectors as we offer everyone the chance to purchase and own these items”.


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Via Daniele da Torricella, 29
42122 Reggio Emilia

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