Precious gifts in the Italian tradition

Annamaria Cammilli

Exclusive presents to celebrate treasured moments

Bologna - 21 April 2017 - Silvia Di Giacomo

Tradition has it that important occasions in life are celebrated by making a gift of something special that will last forever. Something that really demonstrates your appreciation for the receiver. In these cases a splendid piece of jewellery or a special watch are favoured choices and are always highly appreciated.


A birth can be celebrated with a diamond sealed in a blister pack. This will maintain its value over time and later can be mounted on a piece of jewellery at any moment. A Chantecler Capri bell pendant is a special goodluck charm that is especially suitable for the newly born.


Chantecler Capri - bell pendant

Chantecler Capri – bell pendant

The father of the child can show his love and affection for the mother with a diamond ring. A particularly romantic choice from among the great classics of jewellery “Made in Italy” following the birth of a first child is the Trilogy: three gems that represent each member of the family. Or perhaps the new mother would appreciate a veretta ring or a tennis bracelet.

Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Bracelet


The rites associated with nuptial engagement wouldn’t be complete without the gift of a ring for the future wife. This will be worn on the left-hand and will later be joined by the wedding ring. An engagement ring typically consists of one solitary stone- a single cut brilliant diamond. Obviously the size and value of the gem depend on the resources of the bridegroom but some years ago the Centre for the Promotion of Diamonds suggested that such an important gift should be worth at least three monthly salaries. The bridegroom should therefore start saving up many months before asking for the hand of the woman he loves. In this way it is possible to deal with a significant investment while remaining within practical economic limits.


When Prince William gave Kate Middleton the engagement ring that had once belonged to his mother, Princess Diana, there was a considerable increase in the sales of that particular model. A classic, made up of a central oval gemstone, in this case a blue sapphire, surrounded by small diamonds.

Anello Zaffiro

Sapphire ring


Another special moment to be cherished is when a young lady graduates. To mark the occasion it is also the custom to make a gift of a small piece of jewellery. Something discreet and refined that can be worn all day long. Perhaps a pair of diamond earrings or a diamond décolleté.

An elegant watch in steel or a precious metal is the perfect gift for both men and women. The most important Swiss watches like Rolex or Patek Philippe offer a superlative selection that ranges from classical styles to a sporty look. Technologically advanced or embellished with diamonds, these precious timepieces transcend time and are destined to have a longer life than we mere humans.


Patek Philippe - calendario perpetuo

Patek Philippe – perpetual calendar

In fact as the famous advertising campaign by Patek Philippe once said “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it …”.



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