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Both the oldest and most modern popular

8 July 2016 - Zhanna Zhumaliyeva




The Tuscan Spa culture has ancient roots. The Etruscans and Romans used the hot springs of this region as they recognised their therapeutic qualities. This ancient custom has been confirmed by the discovery of Etruscan-Roman Age finds associated with water worship, sacred statues and votive reproductions of livers in stone and bronze.



The Romans also attended the Thermae for entertainment and wellbeing was an important time for socialising. In the Middle Ages, Spas along the Via Francigena offered relief to pilgrims travelling along the road, and it is probable that the first casinos were invented in Spas as they were important meeting places. The first real recognition of the thermal waters occurred only in the seventeenth century, when the political situation stabilised under the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. “Water is life”.




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terme san giovanni





Besides being a wellknown aphorism, there is truth to it. In fact in the religious liturgies and rites of passage of many cultures, the water plays a leading role. Water cleanses the body, quenches thirst and the body is composed mainly of water. In nature there are different types: mineral, natural, seawater and Spa water. In order for thermal water to be called “Spa” in Italy, it must possess specific certification from the Ministry of Health. It is rich in nutrients and trace elements that help treat many afflictions and help make skin more beautiful. Natural thermal water is used therefore, under medical supervision, as a drink or is poured into hydrotherapy pools after suitable treatment.






Thermal Spring

Thermal Spring



Today the best known thermal baths are located in France, Greece, Hungary and of course in Italy. We have selected five of the most beautiful Spas in Tuscany, where you can heal both body and mind.





Terme di Montecatini


This is one of the largest and most famous Spas in Tuscany. The main treatment is mineral water therapy (the administration of mineral water to be drunk for medicinal purposes), but guests can enjoy massages, physiotherapy, saunas, ozone baths and much more.





Red Terme montecatini

Montecatini Terme







Terme di Chianciano

One of the characteristics of these Spas is the pool complex called Theia “the bath of the Etruscans”. There are four outdoor and three indoor swimming pools, all connected and fed by the Sillene thermal spring. The spring is rich in carbon dioxide, carbonates and sulfates which have a beneficial effect on skin health.



Terme di chianciano

Chianciano Terme




Terme di Saturnia


In addition to the Spa and treatments, guests can play golf, and enjoy an enchanting view of the Tuscan landscape in this luxurious complex. They can also buy a small part of this enchanted place in an exclusive line of cosmetics products called “Terme Saturnia”.





Terme di Saturnia

Saturnia Terme







Bagni di Lucca


In these luxurious Spas there are two caves: Paolina and Grande. The hot water produces natural steam and the temperature in the caves ranges from 40° C to 47° C.


Terme di san Luca - piscina

Baths of St. Luke – Swimming





San Giovanni, Terme Rapolano


One of these inimitable offers in this charming place is Saturday Night Spa – a magical evening for two in the big pool bathed in moonlight, accompanied by a delicious dinner.



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San Giovanni terme







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