Scent of Summer

Azzurro di Capri  -  Bruno Acampora

The sea: a source of inspiration

18 July 2016 - Rita Bulgarini




Memories of faraway lands, perfumed islands, tales of which are told through fresh, rejuvenating scents. Perfumes of freedom, wind, deep blue.





red 3. Solarissimo by Azzaro

Solarissimo – Azzaro

red 4. Profumi del Forte

Profumi del Forte

Moonlight in Heaven - Kilian

Moonlight in Heaven – Kilian











The secret of Flora


The most sensual and elegant notes taken from the world of white and pink flowers. The rose still reigns supreme, intense and deep, a great classic rediscovered even by the youngest.






Ozone - Franck Boclet

Ozone – Franck Boclet






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