I Carracci

The art of taste

Restaurant I Carracci rid
Via Manzoni, 2

40121 Bologna, Italia

+39 051 225445

+39 051 234840


The Grand Hotel Majestic “già Baglioni” is famous for  I Carracci restaurant with it’s frescoes, which is rightly regarded as among the most sophisticated and elegant in Bologna. This is a place where you may enjoy the traditional recipes of the Emilia-Romagna region whilst seated under authentic Italian masterpieces. The new “Enoteca Morandi” with a well stocked cellar provides a wide range of fine Italian and foreign wines to complement a traditional and “rustico” regional menù. The Executive Chef Claudio Sordi proposes the most traditional and original Bolognese cuisine combined with an innovative twist for the fish and seafood proposals. He made Michelin Guide award the “Three Forks” to I Carracci Restaurant. This prestigious award confirms its attentive enhancement of gastronomic Made in Italy culture.

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