The Villalba Private Clinic “State of the art technology and high-level hospitality”

Via Di Roncrio, 25

40136 Bologna, Italia

+39 051.6443011

+39 051.6443020


Located on the beautiful hills of BolognaThe Private Clinic Villalba has been part of GVM Care & Research since 1997 and is known in the realm of Italian healthcare not only for its great medical expertise, but also for its state of the art technology and high-level hospitality.
Choosing the Private Clinic Villalba means being at the centre of a care plan that best reflects the Group’s philosophy. It achieves an effective synergy between high professional competence, sensitivity and patient care.
The medical excellence that distinguishes the clinic is particularly notable in the application of the most advanced techniques in Neurosurgery (Spinal surgery), General Surgery, Orthopedics (Minimally invasive hip replacement surgery and shoulder surgery), Surgical Oncology, Urology and
Gynaecology. The diagnostic imaging technology is of major relevance , including a state of the art CT 640 slice.
The rooms are all decorated with cherry wood and the furnishings are very refined. There are four suites with a private lounge, where the characteristic 5 star hotel comfort finds its greatest expression.

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