The Stanguellini Historic Car Museum

Marcello Mastroianni

Modena - 16 August 2012 - Rodolfo Ferniani

The early Thirties were a period in which it was possible to obtain incredible results in the field of mechanics with few economic resources, a generous dose of passion and sharp talent. In Italy, long before other countries, there was a flowering of small original car builders. Vittorio Stanguellini from Modena was surely one of the greatest and most volcanic of these. After starting out tuning and modifying car engines he became car manufacturer in his own right.


Vittorio Stanguellini - Settembre 1950

Vittorio Stanguellini – Settembre 1950




He began by modifying firstly Fiat 1100 and then 750 motors, perfecting the chassis making it lighter and stronger at the same time. He also produced his own chassis’ and made well-finished aerodynamic bodies. His activities expanded, designing and building twin overhead camshafts, single-seaters for Formula Junior and other unique record-breaking models.


Trionfo della Stanguellini al GP di Monaco

Trionfo della Stanguellini al GP di Monaco



And he won: titles in their National Tourism category, in the Sport 750 category (winning three times in a row between 1954 and 1956) success in the Targa Florio and Formula Junior and incredible results in the Mille Miglia, taking the overall fourth place (in front of a Healey 2400) or in 1940 with two Fiat 1100s he kept ahead of higher cylinder cars without losing sight of the eight that were in front of him: Alfa Romeo and BMW with more than double the cubic capacity.


Officina Stanguellini - Modena

Officina Stanguellini – Modena



In the museum created by his son Francesco, it is possible to admire 30 of his masterpieces including the first sport 750 and 1100, the Formula Junior winner of the Monte Carlo Grand Prix and a record-breaking Stanguelli Guzzi, as well as rich collection of photographs accessories, advertisements, historical magazines as well as some motors.


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