Touching to comprehend, love and forgive


Nebojsa Kavaric comes back in Italy with an exhibition about eros, the strength that leads the world

Venice - 5 September 2017 - Francesca Varotto

“Eros is the essence of the artist’s existence, eros is touch, eros is comprehension, eros is forgiveness, eros is the fusion of bodies and souls, eros is love”. So says the Montenegrin artist Nebojsa Kavaric, whom exhibition will take place at Palazzo Zenobio in Venice between 1st of September to 31st of October 2017, in concomitance with the 57th edition of Venice Biennale.



Eros like a vortex in which plunge, the touch like an impulse of energy, the paint like a powerful instrument of communication, of sharing impulses e deep desires; this is the message of Touch, the last work of art of Nebojsa Kavaric.


Kavaric was born and lives in Montenegro, has almost 30 years of writing pictures and achieved recognition as one of the most outstanding representatives of contemporary Balkan art. His works are a success with collectors, and exhibitions are held in France, Belgium, Austria, Macedonia, Croatia and most often in Italy, where he is considered like a modern colossus from the Renaissance. The Venetian exhibition is presented after the success found last May with his exhibition <<Birds>>, at The State Darwin Museum. Nebojsa Kavaric depicts a wide variety of birds in art, he traditionally embodies both the flight of the spirit, and immortality, and the connection between earth and heaven as a symbol of freedom, spontaneity and purity.



The spectator of Touch will find himself emotionally involved from the energy of the touch of the works of Kavaric, who paints his canvas with the hands and uses the brushes just for the finishes; the result is a vibrant materiality, which expresses all the creativity and the gestural dedication of the artist. Thanks to this process, the paint manages to open such a wide and intense canal of communication with the spectator: the canvas are means almost aggressive of desires and dreams, they persuade the spectator to confess their secrets, in order to make them more sensitive and perceptive, that is the reason why you should visit the exhibition accompanied by your own half, quoting the artist: <<you have to take your own half with you, your emotional, spiritual one. If you take each other’s hand while looking at these paintings, I will consider my artistic mission fulfilled>>.





This is the desire of Nebojsa: conveying energy and making tangible the power of eros because touching means also communication, forgiveness and comprehension. The artist claims that the emotional involvement of the spectator is an essential part of the work of art, fundamental to complete the canvas itself. Always focused on transmitting deep emotions, Kavaric, this time, has worked on eros, the energy that leads the world and makes it exciting, mysterious and sensual but, at the same time, represents a yearning for faith trough the touch of love.

Exhibition is made possible by “Art Touch Art”, an art project created by Sanja Lekic, the main goal of this organization is promoting artist and art projects from Montenegro, as well as organizing exhibitions and art events in Montenegro and abroad.


Palazzo Ca’ Zenobio

Dorsoduro, 2596, 30123 Venezia VE

From 1st of September to 31st of October 2017

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