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Russian Federation inaugurates in Rome the first tourism promotion office

Roma - 21 November 2015 - Pietro Di Febo

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On Saturday 21 November in St. Regis hotel in Rome took place the presentation of the new office Visit Russia of the Federal agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation. The crowded press conference was followed by a workshop where the representatives of Russian Regions and Russian tour operators were able to illustrate the high quality and the variety of the touristic offer provided by Italian tour operators.
After Berlin, Dubai, Beijing and Helsinki, Russia opens another tourism promotion office in Rome situated in Corso Vittorio Emanuele 261 – 263. The creation of this centre confirms Russian interest in Italian tourism.






Natalya Tsarkova

Natalya Tsarkova and Alexei Bukalov

At the event were present the highest Russian authorities among whom Minister of Culture Vladimir Rostislavovič Medinskij, Vice-president of the Duma Committee for the industry, President of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce for the industrial development Pavel Sergeevič Dorohin and General Director of Visit Russia in Italy Katerina Sankina. The most discussed topic was the visa problem which remains the main obstacle for the touristic flows between Russia and Italy.
Italy was represented by Dr Francesco Palumbo from the Ministery of Cultural Heritage.


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Vladimir Medinskij, Minister of Culture of Russian Federation


General director of the Russian railway RŽD Il’jaguev Sergej Petrovič and the representatives of Aeroflot Russian Airlines have summed up the current situation and the perspectives of the railway and flight connections between Italy and Russia and inside Russia.
In particular RŽD has announced the new Transsiberian line “Moscow – Vladivostok” and Aeroflot has presented 2 daily low cost flights from Moscow to Bergamo and Verona, performed by Pobeda, the carrier of Aeroflot group.
During the B2B meetings Italian tour operators have especially appreciated the presentations of some of Russian touristic areas such Sochi, Tula, Tatarstan and Astrakhan which made the listeners understand the rich and various touristic offer of many Russian sites apart from Moscow and St. Petersburgh, capable to satisfy every need of Italian travelers.




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