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The “rock” cuisine of Vincenzo Vottero

Bologna - 30 October 2017 - Veronica Tarabella

Do you have a “rock” palette? If you do, then Chef Vincenzo Vottero Vintrella is just the man for you, and Vivo Taste Lab is not to be missed during your visit to Bologna.

The expression “Rock Cuisine” comes from the chef himself. As he says – there are thousands of varieties of rock, the world’s favourite music. It can be hard, romantic, or melodic. It always keeps up with the times and avoids clichés – well, he does the same with his cooking.

Extremely meticulous when it comes to choosing ingredients, he only uses the very best and he invests a great deal of energy in experimenting with new combinations. The results are sometimes daring, but never hazardous.  Everything reflects the experience he gathered while travelling throughout the world, journeying from America to Japan, and passing through the great “School” of Gualtiero Marchesi, while never forgetting the basics of Italian cuisine especially that of Bologna- but of course in Rock style- even the tortellini!







When he was eight Vincenzo wanted to be a pastry chef.  His mother was his first teacher and crème patissiere his first love, but….

Pastry making is fascinating but it is too mathematical. There are too many rules to respect, too much careful measuring, and no room for transgression. On the other hand in my kitchen I think with my stomach. It reflects my personality, my life and my experiences. The dishes I create are the results of contamination, of encounters, of travel, and of curiosity”.

He offers mouth-watering risottos, fresh pasta, game, fish and unusual sweets, all prepared in an unusual way, but so well-balanced that you can even enjoy the seven course tasting menu and not suffer any consequences!

 However, our chef doesn’t spend all of his day by the stove.  He is also in charge of “A Scuola di Gusto”, a specialist school which offers expert professional training, where he also teaches. He has written one book and is now planning another. He gets about by motorbike, loves art and is a volcano of new initiatives.

Vivo taste Lab must be one of the most interesting destinations in the city and once you’ve met Vincenzo, you will most certainly want to go back for more –he is such a friendly chap!

Vivo has a beautiful garden along with a lounge space and a cocktail bar. However if you feel like venturing out of the old city gates, you might like to try out Vincenzo’s original restaurant, Antica Trattoria Del Reno Italian Grill & BBQuality which is now a paradise for the quality grill: meat, fish and vegetables fresh from the barbecue  await you and of course those wonderful desserts- all Vincenzo Vottero style!



©Antonello Degli Esposti

©Antonello Degli Esposti



Vivo Taste Lab

Piazza di Porta Saragozza, 6

40123 Bologna


Antica Trattoria del Reno

Italian Grill & BBQuality

Via del Traghetto 5/3

40131 Bologna


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