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Michelin star chefs in Tuscany

20 July 2016 - Edgar Filatov





Tuscany still holds its pole position as a magnet for tourists who continue to be struck by this small corner of the world.





The sculptor Matthew Spender has lived in Chiantishire ever since he was captivated by the charm of the region. The same can be said for Muriel Spark, the Scottish writer, who chose a deserted hill in Val di Chiana as a The region can boast 29 restaurants with Michelin stars and they all have a strong bond to the region: Chianti, which has become such a symbol of Italian wine abroad, the countryside, and newly pressed olive oil.refuge for her creative spirit and her soul.






Ristorante Butterfly – Lucca

Ristorante Butterfly – Lucca




Then, there is shopping: nipping into a small local grocers or grabbing a roll with lampredotto, the typical Florentine peasant dish made with the fourth stomach of a cow, an evergreen of Tuscan street food.







Chef Giuseppe Mancino, Ristorante Il Piccolo Principe – Viareggio

Chef Giuseppe Mancino, Ristorante Il Piccolo Principe – Viareggio






Arnolfo: the chef of this wellknown restaurant in the province of Siena, Gaetano Trovato, expresses his art with a contemporary Mediterranean inspiration, favouring local produce.





Chef Gaetano Trovato, Ristorante Arnolfo - Colle di Val d'Elsa (SI)

Chef Gaetano Trovato, Ristorante Arnolfo – Colle di Val d’Elsa (SI)







Bracali: a family run restaurant in the heart of Maremma where the chef and his brother bring regional excellence to every table. Speciality dishes allow guests to savour an everyouthful but ancient art, that of the local culinary tradition.




Ristorante il Piccolo Principe – Viareggio

Ristorante il Piccolo Principe – Viareggio







Enoteca Pinchiorri: boasts three Michelin stars. Welcoming and pampering guests in sumptuous surroundings, this Florentine restaurant offers excellence and attention to detail in the preparation of the finest raw materials.





Enoteca Pinchiorri - Firenze

Enoteca Pinchiorri – Firenze



 Il Piccolo Principe: in Viareggio, which is famous for its colourful carnival, chef Giuseppe Mancino offers exciting carefully conceived dishes. Sometimes daring, they are always balanced, and grace both fish and meat menus. The glorious wine cellar, his pride and joy, also features local production.







Butterfly: is named after the Puccini opera which is so dear to the chef Fabrizio Girasole. The restaurant is located in a 5000 m² park in the province of Lucca, and it is possible to eat outside during the warmer seasons. An enormous choice of Tuscan and dessert wines complement the carefully prepared dishes which are a pleasure to both the eye and the palate.




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