Eating with the stars in the Veneto region

Ristorante Casa Perbellini

The magic of wonderful regional cuisine where tradition meets modernity

Bologna - 6 February 2017 - Alice Pedocchi

The Veneto has a refined culinary tradition. Historically a melting pot of diverse cultural and culinary influences, we can now enjoy a wide variety of ingredients and elegant combination of flavours.

Some of the characteristic dishes have their origins in the thriving trade with the East, which can be seen in the use of rice and spices. On the other hand other ingredients derive from the Americas, for example, the beans used in the famous pasta e faisoi (pasta and bean soup) and the corn for the renown polenta.

With its well-appointed position, close to both the sea and rivers, the area has a tradition of fish dishes as well as game which is hunted in local reserves.

Examples of this marvellously varied cuisine are mentioned in the works of Goldoni, like that emblematic dish, sarde in saor, and so a precise panorama of local cuisine emerges through the eyes of culture.

We have selected the very best Michelin restaurants that can be found in the region so you can fully enjoy the mouth-watering food that is so typical of the area.


Le Calandre has been awarded three Michelin stars and can boast being listed in “the World’s 50 Best Restaurants” for more than 10 years. The restaurant is run by the Alajmo brothers and offers a wonderful atmosphere where every attention has been paid to detail, from the dishes, which are prepared with seasonal ingredients, to the refined tableware.  Tel. +39 049 630303

Le Calandre - Apparenza

Le Calandre – Apparenza


Antica Osteria Cera: Two stars shine above this restaurant where the family and harmony are the fundamental values on which the work of the Chef Lionello, and Daniele and Lorena Cera are based. A cuisine which combines refined elegance with pure pleasure.  Tel. +39 041 5185009

Antica Osteria Cera - Pasta e fagioli con scampi e salsa all'amatriciana

Antica Osteria Cera – Pasta e fagioli con scampi e salsa all’amatriciana



Casa Perbellini is situated in the heart of Verona and offers guests the opportunity to admire Chef Giancarlo Perbellini at work. It provides an intimate atmosphere and an unforgettable culinary experience.  Tel. +39 045 8780860

Casa Perbellini - Risotto mantecato alla zucca, fonduta di taleggio di bufala, tartufo nero e gamberi     ristorazione        Photo by Giorgio Marchiori

Casa Perbellini – Risotto mantecato alla zucca, fonduta di taleggio di bufala, tartufo nero e gamberi ristorazione Photo by Giorgio Marchiori



Met Restaurant is housed within the Hotel Metropole in the very heart of Venice, overlooking the lagoon. It offers historic dishes revisited, with a touch of modernity and a hint of the unexpected, by Chef Luca Veritti.  Tel. +39 041 5240034

Met Restaurant - Omaggio all'arte

Met Restaurant – Omaggio all’arte



Oseleta: the menu of Chef Giuseppe D’Aquino fully reflects the elegant, refined atmosphere that characterises this restaurant located under the colonnade of a splendid villa on Lake Garda.  Tel. +39 045 7235287

Ristorante Oseleta

Ristorante Oseleta


La Casa degli Spiriti: Overlooking Lake Garda, La Casa degli Spiriti enchants its customers with breathtaking views and a refined elegant atmosphere wrapped in mystery. Chef Paolo Cappuccio will guide you in the discovery of delicious gourmet dishes.  Tel. +39 045 6200766

La Casa degli Spiriti

La Casa degli Spiriti

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