Fior di ventagli


The fan on show: an artistic and historical heritage

Nella Tessuti - Via Giovannini 12, Baricella (BO) - 17 December 2016 - redazione

The antiquarian is complex and multi-sided with an inclination towards art of the past and a passion for collecting.

Linda and Paola De Dominicis, Milanese antiquarians for over 50 years specializing in fans and vintage fashion accessories, are the embodiment of both the antiquarian and the collector while uniting the diverse spirit of the two.
There are various driving forces behind their search for items to sell or those destined for their collection such as intellectual curiosity, the love for beauty, passion for research, the pleasure of discovery and knowledge, the priceless satisfaction that comes with the discovery of an original long sought after item and the aesthetic pleasure derived from its contemplation. Not least, an ancient artifact often reveals the strong emotional impact of our nostalgic emotional connections, giving the illusion of a bridge between the tangibility of the present and invisibility OF A LONG LOST PAST THEREFORE EVEN MORE FASCINATING.

One last, fundamental force, this time entirely altruistic, is the push toward collecting and preserving traces of the past. The desire to preserve and save a unique artistic heritage from the ether, the valuable heritage that belongs to all of us.
These then, are the reasons that led Linda De Dominicis and her daughter Paola to collect and restore the fans destined for sale and the collection – exhibited over the years in prestigious museums in Italy and abroad, and this year at the showroom of Nella Tessuti – dedicating their passion, enthusiasm and tireless work to each one.
How could you not be seduced by this fragile, delicate and refined women’s fashion accessory? It is the only thing that can tremble, vibrate, pulsate in a faint heartbeat, flirty, irritated, angry, as a faithful interpreter of the owner’s mood.
The linguistic register of the fan it is not exhaustive here. Its most authentic language must be found in the symbolic significance as a: DESIRE FOR POWER, STATUS SYMBOL, EXPRESSION OF LOVE AND SENTIMENT, MEDIUM OF PATRIOTISM AND ADVERTISING. The fan has been able to adapt to changes in society throughout the centuries by taking on an ever more sumptuous design which has enhanced its power of seduction.

When a vintage fan is opened its enchantment is released thanks to the painted images, unexpected and intriguing glimpses of art, traditions, society, politics and even gossip in a continuous interweaving of history and stories.

These stories of old, narrated with originality and rich detail by the fans, have fascinated and inspired Rossano Salicini and sons Dario and Irene for their new fabrics for the collection.

The floral fans and the fabrics inspired by them, will recreate the elegance and seduction of the past while being modernised according to Rossano and the staff of Nella Tessuti’s taste

Paola De' Dominicis - Rossano Salicini -Massimo Medica - Dario Salicini

Paola De’ Dominicis – Rossano Salicini -Massimo Medica – Dario Salicini


Nella Tessuti has hosted exhibitions in the past on various themes related to the typically Italian and European movements of the Culture of Beauty. The most important exhibitions were “Sete Fruscianti, Sete Dipinte” (Rustling silks, painted silks), including important paintings of the eighteenth century combined with contemporary textile samples, and the exhibition “Da Tesori Sacri a Tessuti Preziosi” (From Sacred Treasures to Precious Fabrics) which was a selection of exceptionally rare and beautiful antique chasubles belonging to the Parish of Baricella.

Nella Tessuti derived its inspiration from all these exhibitions to make exclusive limited edition fabrics, in order to embody the story of passion and discovery and of classical Italian good taste and research.

The exhibition Fior di Ventagli (Fan Flower) will be open with free admission from 2 December 2016 to 25 February 2017 at the Nella Tessuti exhibition hall, in Via Giovannini 12, in Baricella (BO) from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 12.30 and from 14.30 to 18.30.

For information: +39 051 879651

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