Star parties in Rome

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Roma - 1 December 2015 - redazione

The first of the star parties in Rome took place in January 2015. The event was organised with the sponsorship of Россотрудничество, the Russian language and culture centre of the Embassy of Russian Federation, and with the participation of the Italian singer Pupo.

Pupo canta insieme agli ospiti della festa

Pupo sings together with the guests of the party

The event turned out to be so popular among tourists and mass media that it was decided to continue the tradition this year and repeat the event on 5th January 2016. The party will host one of the most popular Italian singers in Russia Riccardo Fogli.

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Pupo at the Christmas concert  2014




The event will be dedicated to the Orthodox Christmas but it will be celebrated in a very special manner: the programme includes a rich buffet, a concert of Riccardo Fogli and during the show the guests of the event will be able to take photos and autographs of the star.


The star parties have raised big interest among tour operators in Russia and post-soviet states (in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine) that will promote this initiative among their clients. Moreover, German, French, Israel and Canadian tour agencies will publicize the event among the Russian speaking comunities.

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The guests of honor of the event will be a number of VIPs, representatives of Consulates and Embassies, TV journalists and other media.


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