The Umberto Panini Collection of Historic Cars

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Modena - 1 June 2013 - Rodolfo Ferniani

The Umberto Panini Collection of Historic Cars is the ideal place to admire the work of this car manufacturer.

Its founder had the idea of  acquiring the historic car collection from Maserati, saving it from  being broken up and making it available to anyone who makes a request. Here you can find racing jewels such as Fangio’s 250 single-seater, Moss’s 420/58 Eldorado or the Type 671. There are also many GT models on display. As well as the A6G 54 mentioned above, you also will find the Bora, Mistral, Ghibli, Khamsin  and various unique  models such as Merak Turbo, Simun, Barchetta, Chubasco  and many more;  in fact the collection comprises a total of 23 Maseratis  alongside motorbikes, bicycles motors and military transport.

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